Take Part

We’ve only just begun.

The Market West Neighborhood Alliance initially started at the beginning of 2011 with exploratory meetings that were open to the public. Through many conversations with area residents, business owners, employees and property owners, as well as architects, developers, city planners, city officials and neighborhood development leaders, we have set the foundation for a prosperous organization with the potential to change the face of our portion of downtown Omaha.

(Above) Photos from the three Exploratory Meetings

We welcome and encourage involvement not only from individuals within theMarket West neighborhood, but from Omaha as a whole. Downtown Omaha serves everyone in our community and a strong core represents a resilient city.

Market West is just part of the fabric of downtown, with many other neighborhoods and organizations already doing their part to improve our city: Old Market Business Association, Park East, Midtown Neighborhood Alliance, North Downtown Alliance, Columbus Park, Downtown Improvement District… to name only a handful.

If you or your company/organization would like to take part in improving our downtown, please consider donating to the MWNA, volunteering your time, services or ideas, or, if you are located within the boundaries (associate memberships are available to those outside the alliance boundaries) of the Market West neighborhood, consider joining our alliance.

If you have any questions on how you might be able to help, please send us an email: