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As the Market West Neighborhood Alliance evolves, so will our website. Our goal is to create a unique, urban oasis in the heart of downtown Omaha. This website will continue to expand and become a place to meet, to be informed, to share, to be heard and to connect. We envision a constantly changing site, filled with information about new developments, businesses, events and opportunities in Market West. Stay tuned and check back often, as more content, photos and videos will continue to be added!

Now, a little bit about MW…




The Market West Neighborhood Alliance – An organization of residents and business/property owners in the area just west of the Old Market.


The Market West Neighborhood Alliance is an organization that represents the historic area west of the Old Market and south of the Central Business District. The MWNA will be generally construed as, but not limited to, S. 17th St. to the west, S. 13th St. to the east, Howard St. to the north and the train tracks to the south.


  • To establish and maintain communication between residents, property owners, business owners and employees in the neighborhood, government agencies, non-profit organizations and other neighborhoods.
  • To serve as a unified voice representing the Market West Neighborhood Alliance.
  • To increase the sense of identity of the neighborhood by clearly defining its boundaries and by developing and maintaining a marketing plan complete with an identifiable brand, creating a sense of place.
  • To enhance the livability of the neighborhood though:
  1. Enhancing safety within the neighborhood
  2. Initiating/maintaining improvements to streetscapes and public right-of-ways that are compatible with existing characteristics of the neighborhood
  3. Encouraging responsible restoration, infill and new development of appropriate scale and compatible design
  • To provide an open process and standard operating procedure by which all members of the neighborhood may involve themselves in the affairs of the neighborhood.
  • For other approved objectives as defined by the board of directors or membership.