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May 08, 2012 at 12:44 PM



Thank you to all that attended our open house at the Magnolia Hotel. We were happy to see so many new faces, residents, business owners, community leaders, even firemen from our neighborhood pulled up in their truck to have a bite to eat! A special thank you to representatives of the districts that includes Market West, Omaha City Councilman Chris Jerram and State Senator Jeremy Nordquist – it’s great to know that our efforts are noticed and appreciated. Another thank you to Jim Finnegan, member of the MWNA Executive Board, as well as Manager of the Magnolia Hotel. The setting couldn’t be more beautiful, the food and wine delightful and the service and attentiveness of the Magnolia staff was top notch (as always).


The Market West Executive Board has been working for months to create a foundation to build upon. We’ve met with many business owners, residents and city leaders to find out what is wanted, needed and possible in Market West. We have been doing our best to get the word out that there is something new happening just west of the Old Market; that there is a true community sprouting up in the middle of downtown and that community has a voice. Our goal is literally to put Market West on the map – we want the city and visitors to recognize that we are not just an ambiguous extension of the Old Market, but a destination to live, shop and work.


There are exciting new developments occurring in our neighborhood – new apartment complexes are being built or are in the planning stages. Our historic warehouses are finding new tenants and uses, carefully being restored to their formal glory. We have worked to bring attention to Market West as a viable option for new construction and restoration, so we can continue to attract more residents and in turn, new business and entertainment options. More importantly, as a resident-focused neighborhood, we want to attract the necessary everyday services, not just for those living in Market West, but for those who live and work nearby. A pharmacy, hardware store, dry-cleaners, etc. – simple additions that will make living downtown just that much easier and convenient.


Beyond development, we want to make Market West a neighborhood that attracts new ideas & creative energy – we can build an urban oasis in the heart of downtown Omaha that will be the envy of other cities. Public art, sustainable design, a pedestrian/bike friendly-streetscape, public events, an inviting community for dog owners, a chance to socialize, a chance to be heard…


Much is possible, but we need your help! We are energized by the turnout at our open house and now we want to invite the community to get involved. Share your ideas and your time to help us make Market West the best it can possibly be. Feel free to email us, like, follow, contribute to Market West on Facebook. Seek out board members and tell us what you think. We are looking for ideas; the sky is the limit.


Thank you.


Chad Eacker (Co-Owner/Creative Director: Delinea Design & MWNA President)

Some photos from our open house below:


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