MWNA VP: Thomas Miller

May 08, 2012 at 11:56 AM


Market West Neighborhood Alliance Vice President & Senior Associate at BVH Architects

I am an architect living and working in downtown. I live in SOMA and I work at BVH Architects (which is in the heart of the Market West Neighborhood) – and I LOVE it. Because I consider MW home in more ways than one, I feel it is important to be actively involved and engaged in the betterment of the neighborhood at every opportunity. BVH has a long history of investment in downtown Omaha for example:


  • The offices and Joseph Building restoration at 1425 Jones Street



  • The Yellow Building at 1209 Harney


  • Gene Leahy Mall


  • The Mastercraft Building


  • Residences at the 1101 Jackson


  • Many more…


BVH is committed to personal and professional investment in the MWneighborhood, since 2003 we have known that this is a place we can call home for years to come.
My interest in the Market West Neighborhood Alliance developed early in discussions with our President Chad Eacker, we both agreed that an organized effort to from a neighborhood association was a great way to help define  the neighborhood and to inspire others in the neighborhood to take a stake in our local community.


I have tons of experience in community involvement. For example in Madison, WI – my former home, I acted as Vice President of the Capitol Neighborhood Association (a partnership of the five downtown neighborhoods) and served on the Board of Directors of the Madison Trust for Historic Preservation – amongst other efforts. I have always had a passion for restoring and preserving downtowns; I believe it is critical to the health of any city, including Omaha!


As an architect with extensive experience in urban infill and historic preservation it’s natural that my contributions to the neighborhood include providing technical expertise in these areas. Throughout my career I have been involved in the design and adaptive reuse of scores of historic structures and downtown environments.  I know this experience will be useful in working with and guiding the efforts of the MWNA.

I am a relatively new transplant to Omaha, so I am still learning a lot of fun and interesting things about the city and especially the downtown neighborhoods. I can spend days just searching for new fun things to do – it has become clear to me that I can keep myself busy exploring for a very long time to come.

Thomas-Miller.jpgWorking as one of the founders of the Market West Neighborhood Alliance has been, and continues to be a very rewarding experience! If you’d like to chat, talk neighborhood, or just drop me a note, feel free to email

Thomas Miller (Senior Associate: BVH Architects & MWNA Vice President)



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