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May 08, 2012 at 12:23 PM



There’s just something about having a dog laying around the office. Granted not everyone is a lover of the four-legged office fixture, for those that are, a dog lounging at your feet while you work can change the entire work experience and atmosphere.


Dewey-223x300.jpgAt Delinea Design, we have a dog-friendly policy built around hierarchy. Our web developer, Jenn, has a Shih Tzu named Dewey that is decidedly the top dog. Why? Because Dewey is the best behaved and therefore all other dogs must be approved by Dewey – if they don’t get along with him, they are not fit for daily companionship at Delinea (so harsh). Second in line is my mixed-lab mutt, Humane Society breakout, Suki. While Suki is six years old (Quick dog to human age math… 42 years old) she still acts like a puppy and can take issue if anyone does not stop to pet her/play with her. Bonus: dogs in the work place equal great stress-relief (you can’t help but relax while petting one). Downside: dog hair, and along with it, the constant clean-up.




Delinea Design is not the only business that is dog-friendly in MW, as BVH Architects (our neighbors) are working on a “take your dog to work day.” Also, many dogs can be seen walking about with their owners, as the Lofts at 15th Apartments (801 S 15th – 402-505-3998) are dog friendly. Many condo owners also own dogs, for example many dogs inhabit the fine condo living of the Kimball Lofts.Dogs in an urban setting is a bit of an abstract idea in Omaha, whereas many can be seen in larger cities such as New York. But, the times are changing as downtown is becoming more friendly to dogs (doggy waste bags) and many apartment buildings are allowing cats, as well as dogs. One of the priorities of Market West is to make our neighborhood more pet-friendly, encouraging more apartments to allow dogs, the addition of dog waste disposal and dog-friendly events or meet-ups.



Let us know what we can do to make you and your dog welcome in Market West.

Chad Eacker (Co-Owner/Creative Director: Delinea Design & MWNA President)


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